TEAM KSM2About The Key Team

When you are working with us, you are supported by a team of experts with a combined 50 years of experience putting their skills together to get you where you want to be. Their primary focus is to provide current and future clients superior real estate services by relying on the integrity, and expertise of Coldwell Banker Residential brokerage who is the Silicon Valley’s strongest Brokerage group of residential real estate professionals not only in the Team’s town but also in the San Francisco Bay area as well as nationally and internationally. Coldwell Banker, which was founded in San Francisco, over 100 years ago, with strong moral standards and procedures is an established and credible company, evolved and revolutionized since the start.

The Key Team is poised to serve individual property owners, buyers as well as project-based developers who seek to create rapport with established Realtors, who also maintain a consistent work ethic to serve the needs of their clients with passion and enthusiasm for the real estate business and the Silicon Valley.

The Key Team Vision

Our goal is to spread wealth and abundance through educational events for the pursuit of happiness. Whether buying a home is an investment or a home to live in, it is weaved in with the law of abundance because on a deeper level, transacting a property gives back to the community and family that surrounds you. Therefore, it is truly an honor to be trusted as apart of this life achievement.

Since the cavemen, it has been a goal of life to shelter our family. You and your amazing achievements is what makes us love our job. We want for you to acquire what is best for you; not only for now but for the future


PR, Marketing and Sales Agent

Stephanie PerraultStephanie is a French native who has experience in multiple markets in the US since the 90’s. She is passionate about online marketing, social media and design. She has extensive experience in relocation and is affiliated with Cartus.

Stephanie is quite unique among the Bay Area real estate community, in that she offers over 17 years of production of high-level business experience to bear for her clients. She has experienced a wide range of  different markets cycles, and can identify certain trends to better assist her clients.

With a consultative sales approach, she is dedicated to diligently meeting and exceeding the highest standards of professionalism with each and every client in every transaction.

“My clients come to me for counsel and my market knowledge,” says Stephanie. “They know that I will properly advise them on what is a good buy and how best to proceed.”

Through her many years of expertise in sales Stephanie possesses an extraordinary skill set and passion in real estate marketing, advertising and technology. She has an elaborate and unique marketing department. In 2012 she has produced a show on real estate in the Silicon Valley with the community television KMVT.

Perhaps these are the reasons as to why Stephanie’s Realtor status, is currently ranked in the top 2% nationwide.



Listing Specialist and Sales Agent

Kevin Keating the key teamKevin comes from a family of Realtors specialized in the Silicon Valley since the 70’s. He has extensive knowledge of the real estate market and its cycle. From the time he was a child, he’s been an active participant however he could in the Real Estate arena with his parents. Due to early engagement, he began home repairs and improvements at a young age, and now he is recognized by his peers to be an expert in preparing a property for sale and a strong negotiator. Out of 150 agents, Kevin has been voted, the most valuable Realtor by his peers.

One of Kevin’s greatest talents is being a strategic listener, understanding his client’s needs is acting in a strategic way that best satisfies his clientele based on a customized plan of action, geared specifically to the needs of that client. Kevin loves to help people, as he always makes himself available to help and teach  others with an educating and humanitarian approach.

Over the years he has been an honored part of the “elite” group called, “The International President’s Circle” and he’s also a recognized part of Relocation Cartus. When Kevin is not helping others, he enjoys golfing in his free time. He is often called, “The Encyclopedia of Real Estate” for all of his extensive expertise and adequate understanding of the real estate industry. Although he may know a lot more than most, Kevin also attributes his success largely to his penchant for comprehensive market research. He went to De Anza College, studied everything from computer programming to Oceanic sciences.  


Buyer’s Specialist and Sales Agent

Michael comes from the high tech industry. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer at a number of high tech companies, including 10 years at Apple Inc.

In his spare time, Michael is an avid hiker of the Silicon Valley trails.

The Benefits of Working with a Team | Why you might choose a team:

If you could find all the attributes of combined extensive experience, all in one person, they would have to be a genius. Everyone works differently, has a variety of specialties and the team members are happier because they are doing what they are proficient in, and they tend to enjoy doing it.

As in the stock market, “do not place all of your eggs in one basket”, meaning that in a team, individual availability is more assured, and balanced lifestyles for each team member allows for better quality and quantity of service provided.

Also, as a group, much more is achieved as there is now four sets of eyes, and multiples of ideas. Team brainstorming encourages growth within, that is externally beneficial to those who decide to work with a team. I was a single agent for most of my career, and can therefore vouch for the definite contrast between resulting benefits. Working with a team is a synergetic experience where the total is greater than the sum of the parts. These words come from personal experience, as we are highly talented and passionate about servicing our clients.