New Tech at the Los Gatos High School

New Tech Los Gatos high schoolNew Tech is a pilot project-based learning program that is being phased in over 4 years at the Los Gatos High School.  Each student in the program borrows a school owned chrome book for use in the classroom and at home.  There are 100 freshman in the program for the first year (2013/2014).  The following year there will be 100 new freshman and 100 sophomores.  It is a very exciting and innovative program (2014/2015).

New Tech  is the evolution of the way of teaching that is much needed in the school system. New Tech is not perfect for everyone this why it is good to educate yourself as well as your child by attending as many presentation as you can. LGHS organize events through the year at their campus, Fisher middle school and CT English. Don’t hesitate to ask your current teacher if she think it would benefit your future Freshman. Sometime it’s obvious and in other case it can take time but in some way down the road, you’ll know if the student is the right fit. I was grateful to have the support of the teachers from Fisher Middle School they took the time to talk, debate and analyze my son’s case to advise us for this program and they concluded that it would benefit Eliot a great deal. This has played a big part in our decision. We have now completed our 1st semester and I can say that I love it! Like any new program it has it’s glitch and as long as there is room for improvement I anticipate a bright future for the New Tech program.

I think parents, teachers and students have a role to play to contribute to it’s evolution. And it is all what new tech is about ” Create, innovate, collaborate and re-invent” I look forward to see my teen transitioning into adulthood with this new learning generation.



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