Why Stage Your Home For Sale?

Why Stage Your Home

Obtain more money, sell more quickly and maximize the return on your investment.

I am writing this page to share with you about why you should professionally stage your vacant home or even stage your home if you are currently living in the property. Staging a home can help you an average 10-15% higher offers and a 25-30% quicker sale, it will help you breathe life into empty houses and turn glacial and boring into warm and welcoming to the largest number of potential buyers. Presenting to a buyer the space to imagining themselves living there, help them to discover and create the passion and excitement necessary to enjoy that “must have” feeling about their future home and write an offer is an essential part of Marketing your home. Most of home buyers can’t visualize the potential of a home. Empty houses comes across as desperate seller therefor bringing lower offers. The New York Village Voice reported that the average number of days an un-staged home is on the market is 30.9 versus 13.9 for a staged home. The longer your home is on the market, the lower the price will be. So stage first! According to a National Association of Realtors survey, homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than ones within the first four weeks! Don’t be in a position where you have to lower your price. Have your house staged first! While many factors play into what a home is worth and what buyers are willing to pay for it, staging is an excellent tool that can be used to give a home a little extra push for sellers. And last but not least, don’t forget that the money you spend on staging is tax deductible. “Your Proactive Trusted Real Estate Advisor” Stephanie Perrault – Coldwell Banker Residential Associate – BRA 01307835

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